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Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Kamchatka, Irkutsk viceroyalty.1794
Map of the Zhigansk district of the Irkutsk province, 17971797
Map of the Olensk district of the Irkutsk province, 17971797
Map of the Yakutsk district of the Irkutsk province, 17971797
Map of the Far East from the atlas of the Russian Empire for gymnasiums1807
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Map of the Yakutsk region of the Irkutsk province 18241824
Overview map of Yakutsk region, Okhotsk and Kamchatka districts from the Savinkov atlas1835
Map of the lands of the Trans-Baikal Cossack army in 18581858
Map of Eastern Siberia from Zuev's atlas1859
Map of the southern half of Eastern Siberia1875
Map of the North of Eastern Siberia by Chekanovsky and Miller1876
Map of the Northern Sea Route of 18781878
Map of the Asiatic Russia of 1895 by Koversky1895
Map of the routes of communication of Asian Russia, 19111911
Military-road map of Asian Russia, 19191919
Map of Yakutia 19241924
Route map along the Yana river 1927 - 19291927
Map of the Siberian territory, 19291929
Map of the Yakutsk ASSR, 19351935
Yakut ASSR - BSAM1939
Overview map of the Russian Far East of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
USSR map of 19461946
Administrative map of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, 19581958
International millionth map of the world. Territory of the USSR.1965
USSR map 19701970
Karta Mira 1: 2500000. Territory of the USSR.1975
USSR map 19801980
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
Q-51 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
1999 Map of Russia and Neighboring Countries1999
Detailed map2021
Map with regions and cities2022
Maps of the world2023