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Map of the Krasnoyarsk district of the Tobolsk province atlas 17981798
Road map of the Russian Empire, 18091809
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Route map of Western Siberia in 18431843
General map of Western Siberia by Military Topographic Depot 18481848
Map of the southern part of the Yenisei province of 18551855
General map of Western Siberia by Military Topographic Depot 18621862
Petrographic map of the Minusinsk area, 18641864
Map of the Eniseysk province from the atlas of the Russian Empire by Ilyn1871
Hypsometric map of Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk and parts of the Kansk districts1873
Map of the southern half of Eastern Siberia1875
Archaeological map of Minusinsk area, 18881888
Map of the journey of the sovereign heir to the Tsarevich to the Far East. Section from Chita to Uralsk.1891
Map of Minusinsk district of Yenisei province, 18931892
Map of the provinces and regions of the Russian Empire along the Siberian Railway in 18931893
Map of the southern border strip of Asian Russia1895
Map of the Asiatic Russia of 1895 by Koversky1895
Map of the southeastern part of Altai in 18951895
Geological map of Eastern Siberia by Reutovsky1905
Map of the populated part of the Yenisei province, 19051905
Map of the Uryankhay territory and the upper reaches of the Yenisei River, 19081908
Map of the Uryankhai Land of 19091909
Map of the routes of communication of Asian Russia, 19111911
Map of the basin of the upper part of the Yenisei River, 19121912
Map of the upper Yenisei River basin1915
Map of the area surveyed by the Sayan expedition1916
French map of the surroundings of Krasnoyarsk in 19181918
Military-road map of Asian Russia, 19191919
Map of the Far East Region of 19251925
Map of the Khakassk area, 19261926
1928 Map of the Yenisei Region1928
Map of the Siberian territory, 19291929
Map of the West Siberian Region by Gurinovich1931
Schematic map of Zapsib District administrative districts1932
Map of the Khakassia Autonomous Region,19341934
Topographic map of Abakan and Minusinsk vicinity, 19851939
Krasnoyarsk territory - BSAM1939
Overview map of the Russian Far East of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
USSR map of 19461946
Atlas of the USSR 1947 online1947
International millionth map of the world. Territory of the USSR.1965
USSR map 19701970
Karta Mira 1: 2500000. Territory of the USSR.1975
USSR map 19801980
Administrative map of the Khakass Autonomous Okrug, 19821982
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
N-46 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
Map 10 km. Western Siberia.1987
Survey topographic map of the Republic of Khakassia in 19971997
1999 Map of Russia and Neighboring Countries1999
Topographic map of Western Siberia2000
Topographic map of the Republic of Khakassia2001
Topographic map of Abakan with surroundings2001
Detailed map2021
Map with regions and cities2022
Maps of the world2023