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Kamchatka map 17221722
Map of the Pacific coast of the Far East by Afanasy Shestakov, 17261723
Map of Kamchatka in 1724 by Johann Baptist Homann1724
Map of Kamchatka by Croisey engraver1735
French map of Kamchatka, 17361736
Map of the south of Kamchatka and part of the Kuril Islands, 17391739
Schematic map of Kamchatka by Kirillov1740
Map of Kamchatka by Krasheninnikov1741
Map of Kamchatka and Primorye from the Atlas of 17451745
Map of Kamchatka in 1753 by Buache Philippe1753
Map of Kamchatka, 17641764
Map of Kamchatka and the Bering Sea based on the results of the trip of Krenitsyn and Levashov1769
Map of Kamchatka in 1770 by Tartarimov Mikhail1770
French map of Kamchatka, 17701770
German map of Kamchatka in 1771 by Laurent1771
Map of Kamchatka 1788 in French1788
Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Kamchatka, Irkutsk viceroyalty.1794
Map of the Nizhnekamchatsk and Aklan districts of the Irkutsk province, 17971797
Kamchatka from the Wilbrecht atlas, 18001800
Map of the Okhotsk Sea, 18021802
Map of the Far East from the atlas of the Russian Empire for gymnasiums1807
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Map of the Yakutsk region of the Irkutsk province 18241824
General map of Kamchatka area from the atlas by Pyadyshev1826
Overview map of Yakutsk region, Okhotsk and Kamchatka districts from the Savinkov atlas1835
The German map of Kamchatka, 18381838
Chart of Kamscatka, and the Sea of Ochotsk1845
Ethnographic map of Kamchatka, 1853, by Karl von Dittmar1853
Map of Eastern Siberia from Zuev's atlas1859
English map of the Sea of Okhotsk 18621862
Map of the Asiatic Russia of 1895 by Koversky1895
Ethnographic map of the Okhotsk-Kamchatka territory, 1900, by Slyunin1900
Map of Kamchatka in 1901 by Bogdanovich and Lelyakin1901
Map of Kamchatka and Okhotsk Sea by Krynin1909
Map of the coast of the Primorye territory and Kamchatka region, 19101910
Map of Kamchatka in 1914 by Bogdanovich and Lelyakin1914
Japanese map of Kamchatka 19151915
Military-road map of Asian Russia, 19191919
Sea of Okhotsk1920
English map of the Okhotsk Sea, 19231923
Japanese map of Kamchatka and the Sea of Okhotsk 19231923
Map of the Commander Islands 19251925
Overview map of the Russian Far East of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
Special strategic map of Kamchatka, 19431943
American topographic map of Kamchatka, 19441944
Transportation and communication map of Kamchatka1944
Administrative divisions map of Kamchatka1944
American reference map of Kamchatka, 19451945
American map of Kamchatka 19451945
USSR map of 19461946
Physical map of the Far East 19521952
Administrative map of the Khabarovsk territory, 19551955
International millionth map of the world. Territory of the USSR.1965
USSR map 19701970
Karta Mira 1: 2500000. Territory of the USSR.1975
Administrative map of the Kamchatka region in 19791979
USSR map 19801980
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
N-58 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
Tourist topographic map of Kamchatka, 19861986
1999 Map of Russia and Neighboring Countries1999
Topographic map of the Far East and Kamchatka2000
Tactical flight cards. Far East.2003
Tourist map of Kamchatka Peninsula2005
Detailed map2021
Map with regions and cities2022
Online maps in real time - satellite and city2023